Why Make Up?


If you had asked me this question sometime in 2015, my reaction to make up would have gone something like, "OMG ew I hate that stuff, don't even come near me with that stuff." I remember on my sister's wedding, many moons ago, my Aunty had literally caked my face in Make Up, and when I say caked, I mean really really caked. The foundation shade wasn't even my shade, it was way too orange, the blusher was just too bright, the eye shadow wasn't even blended properly, it was a total disaster on my face. I was completely and utterly horrified at the sight of my face and the make up. I was completely put off make up and swore I would never go near that stuff.  I look back at the wedding photos and I still cringe at how bad and how ugly the make up looked.

And yet, here I am, a whole 2 years later, with a beauty related Instagram account and a newly started Blog.

So why make up you ask? Having grown up being called tom boy, I was never inclined towards make up and especially after the wedding disaster, I just couldn't stand the stuff. I may have grown out of the tomboy phase but I was never a girly girl either. Just your average plain Jane. Having lived in a boarding school for over 6 years, my knowledge of makeup/beauty/fashion was just on the absolute down low. I already had the basics though. Everyday I would wear eyeliner and mascara, those were the only two things I would allow anywhere near my face and would probably look dead without.

Coming to think about it, I don't really know where my obsession for make up started. I think maybe it was when I was on holiday in Burma in 2015 and I saw how my cousin had a large make up collection, I was just amazed by her talent and how she made it look so nice but yet so natural.  It was only when I came back to England, that my obsession began.

At the time I had zero knowledge of makeup but I did already own a few things, like a foundation (which I took off my mum, which by the way wasn't even the right shade), a MAC concealer which I now know is fake because we got it off a guy who used to do door to door selling, and an eye shadow palette called Stardust 88, along with 2 or 3 brushes.

It wasn't until I started watching all these different YouTube videos on Make Up tutorials that I realized the way I would do my makeup for occasions like Eid or weddings, was completely wrong. I used to apply foundation on my face with my fingers! Who even does that these days?  So that's when I started experimenting with the make up that I owned, to correct what I was doing.

I can't remember who, but someone on Instagram had asked what was the first actual make up product I bought. Apart from the above products, which were bought in my ignorance days of make up as weird as this is going to sound, my first official buy when my obsession started, my first buy in the make up department was the Sleek Contour Kit. Yes, a contour kit. Lord knows why, but I bought it. Even when at the time of buying it, the thought of slapping on some brown product on my white skin seemed so daunting at the time. But now, I understand the true value of contour. Haha.

And well I guess from there my love for make up increased where every now and then I would go crazy and spend lots on make up. Now here I am, putting a Make Up buying ban on myself. I may not own a lot of make up products compared to others, but the products I do have, I absolutely love it.

So, to my fellow readers, reading this post, why make up?
(I'd like to tag @svphie__ on Instagram for creating this Instagram a long time ago)

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  1. I remember this post! I can't wait to do this post on my blog! Thanks for the idea 🙌🏻

  2. YES Tom Boy!! That was me haha I definitely need to do one of these! I actually do not remember what my first product was I'm going to have to think deep!!

  3. I love reading these tags! Great post, I remember when we used to have door to door Avon sellers thats when I got a few of my first products :)

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

    1. Thank you so much, ahhh yes, I remember them Avon sellers, my mum was a big buyer of Avon products, but I was never drawn to them.