Philips Lumea IPL - My Journey So Far


Apologies in advance as this post is quite long.
For the longest time, I'd heard about the Philips Lumea IPL machine but due to the price and the whole aspect of laser, it kind of put me off, so I never purchased it. Back in December sometime after Boxing Day, I finally  dived into the hype (and of course after Sophia's recommendation) and purchased it when it was on offer in Boots. It was originally £525 but I paid around £280. I also went through TopCashback which saved me around another £8. For around £272, is the IPL worth it? I guess we'll see in this post.

So first things first:

What is IPL? It is a laser machine which generates pulses of light to the roots of the hair which in turn prevents further regrowth. The gentle pulses of light that are applied put the hairs into the "resting phase". These hairs then naturally shed in the 1-2 weeks post treatment and further regrowth is inhibited.  

Suitability - unfortunately, the Lumea isn't for everybody. Philips Lumea works effectively on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hairs. As with other light-based treatments, Philips Lumea is NOT effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair. This Philips Lumea is also NOT suitable for very dark skin.  

Look at the image below to help you decide if it is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour.

Model -  I have the Philips SC2009/00 Lumea Prestige IPL. It is the most expensive model which is cordless and comes with 3 different attachments, one for the face, body, and bikini line. Of course, if you don't need all 3 attachments then there are cheaper IPL machines that can suit your needs. Mine is a rechargeable machine which of course needs to be charged before using. It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes for it to reach a full charge.

Before I start to bore you with all the technical details, I'm going to link PhosBeauty's blog post on the Philips Lumea as she has a very detailed post listing everything you could ever know about the IPL. Click here. 

My journey through IPL so far
So the main reason behind this post is to take you all through my journey so far and what I think of the machine. After I purchased it, I put off using it for so long because the whole aspect of laser was kind of daunting and scary. The whole thing made me very anxious so I just left it, all boxed up and under my bed. But come the half term holidays, I decided to man up, take out the machine and use it.  And now I regret not starting earlier.

First Session
In the initial stage, of course before anything, you have to  do a skin test on the area you are treating and only if doesn't react with your skin then carry on. 

In this first stage, for the first 5 sessions I have to use the Lumea every two weeks.

I had to pre-treat my skin prior to using it. Philips advice to either shave, wax, epilate etc. If someone does wax then they have to wait 24 hours before using it. But with the Lumea, the most effective pre-treatment is shaving, as it does not remove the hair from the root. So of course, as horrible as I find shaving, I shaved making sure ALL my hair had been removed.

I took an eyeliner pencil and mapped out lines down my legs, which were the machines width apart. These lines are to ensure that you don't end up using the laser on the same areas. People think that using the laser multiple times on one area is more effective but in fact it is more dangerous as it can cause a reaction to the skin. Also, it very important that you choose the correct intensity which is best suited for your skin.  The higher the intensity doesn't necessarily mean that it's the most effective, it all depends on your skin tone and hair colour so be sure to check which setting you need.

Of course the IPL isn't a miracle worker and isn't going to make your hair completely disappear after the first use, so after I completed my first session  I wasn't expecting a massive change in terms of my hair not growing back, certain parts were completely hair free, and some parts grew back like normal as it would after shaving. Overall, I think my first session went really well.

I get asked a lot if it hurts, it's definitely not painless but it's not an unbearable pain either. If you can hack waxing and epilating then you can definitely hack this. It almost feels like a pinch combined with a little heat which literally can be felt for that second then goes away. I flinched a couple of times, but after that I was okay. It took me around 30-40 minutes to complete my legs as I was still new to the whole thing but I was happy by the end of it and to be honest I actually found it really fun!

I experienced some redness on my legs after my first session, at first I thought my skin had reacted to the laser, but thankfully when I consulted with a few people, they told me it was normal for it to turn a bit red. So of course, I took out my life savior Aloe Vera Gel and smothered it all over my legs and it instantly it cooled down the redness and I was good to go!

Second Session
So in terms of hair growth from my first session, it was quite normal, some places the hair grew back like normal, whilst other places were hair free. For my second session, once again, I had to shave and go through the entire process again. This time, the hair growth was still patchy but this time a little less than the first session, some places the hair grew like normal and thinner than usual, whilst other places were hair free.

My third session isn't due for another week or so, but if this post was insightful and helpful in anyway and you would like regular updates then please do let me know.

My thoughts so far? 
Honestly, this is by far the best hair removal I have ever done. I know I'm still in the early stages of using the IPL but honestly I feel like it's definitely worth it.

I know this post was super long and if you made it to the end, then kudos to you, you deserve a jar of cookies. Do you have the IPL? What are your thoughts? If you don't have the IPL then what do you do in terms of hair removal?

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  1. Yees .. I was looking forwarf to reading this, I need to get this machinneee!!! Thanks for the update Im going to look out for your next one!

  2. Thaaaank you for such a goood post! When I do buy it I'll definitely be coming back here! ❤️❤️