eBay Finds (#1)


Everyone loves a good bargain, and everyone definitely loves eBay, because I for sure love me some cheap finds. I see many Bloggers sharing their personal favorite eBay finds, and I thought it would be nice if I started my own series on the products that I've seen and purchased myself off eBay

eBay Lashes - Style A20 - The first eBay find are these £1.89 Lashes which I've actually written a first impressions post here. These lashes are amazing, and super affordable. They're the perfect dupe for the Ardell Demi Wispies, just a lot more wispier. The band is super comfortable and overall it completes your look.

Lipstick Storage - The second product that I found on eBay and have purchased is this acrylic lipstick holder. I didn't realise  that the delivery was going to take so long because silly me never checked it beforehand. But if you're in no rush and are willing to wait a month or so for this then it is definitely worth it. It can hold around 25 lipsticks and overall it is a purchase that I do not regret.

iPhone Case - I'm a sucker for pretty looking iPhone cases and recently I have become obsessed with Mandalas, so when I found Mandala printed phone cases, without thinking twice I purchased one in my favorite color (teal). And they're so Pinterest/Instagram worthy, it adds that nice little complete look to your photos. 

Cardholder Wallet - If you're a shopaholic like me and have all these different store points cards, like Boots, Superdrug etc,then just like me there is probably no space to store all of these in your purse. So I purchased this card holder, which is the perfect size and holds all of my cards together. 

Diffuser - Once again, a non-regrettable buy and a recommendation from PhosBeauty (as per usual). It was delivered super fast and honestly it is the best thing ever. The LED lighting is something I have really grown to love. 

These are a few of the eBay finds that I have purchased and loved. If you would like to see more then do let me know, I love sharing the cheap products that I have bought and loved.

What are your favourite eBay finds?

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