Phos Beauty Made Me Do It


Yes, I am literally going to dedicate this post to my girl Sophia. She is such an enabler when it comes to shopping, she makes everyone buy everything. When I was looking at all my recent purchases I realised most of the things were the things that PhosBeauty had been raving about on either her Insta story or on her blog so of course I just had to dedicate this post to her. I promise I'm not some kind of creepy stalker. She is literally the sweetest girl I've met and her Insta stories and her blog posts are just amazing.

Go and follow her on Instagram and read her blog. You won't regret it!

For the longest time, I've been hearing about the Lumea machine but I could never bring myself to spend £520. It wasn't until Sophia raved about it on her Instagram that she made me want to buy it and it was just my luck that the Lumea was on sale in Boots for £280. So without even thinking twice, I pulled out my card (my mum's card) and bought the machine. 

Hairless days, here I come! No more looking as hairy as Hagrid. I have still not used it as I am waiting for the half term holidays to come so I can finally make use of it.  Sophia has a detailed blog post on her blog, reviewing and explaining how the Lumea works. It is still on offer in Boots so click here to view. 

The funny thing about the diffuser is that we used to already have one in the house, but silly me never used it, so my mum gave the diffuser to my sister. So of course, after Sophia had been showing her diffuser off on her Insta story and posted it on her blog, I had to buy it! Now I need to buy myself some nice smelling essential oils

These lashes have literally blown up in the Instagram Beauty community. And after reading Sophia's Blog post, I decided I needed to get them. I'm that girl who has no clue on how to apply lashes and here I am buying lashes recommended by the one and only Sophia. Apparently these lashes are very similar to the Ardell Demi Wispie but just waaaay more wispier and fuller. These lashes are in the style A20 and they're 5 for £1.89. BARGAIN OR WHAT?

I don't have a crazy collection of liquid lipsticks so when I saw these on sale on Beauty Bay I knew I had to get them. I was stuck on which shade to get, so of course, (I swear I sound like some creep that's stalking Sophia, I promise I'm not) Sophia recommended and raved about the shade Mars, so I bought that along with 24Seven, and honestly, I have no regrets. Coloured Raine is the best. It's so comfortable and long lasting, it doesn't dry your lips out.

Accessorize Clutch Bag
Just let the picture speak all the words for you. How can you not buy something as pretty as that? And on sale for I think £20, like naaaaa can't pass up an offer on such a pretty bag. I know after I bought it, the prices were reduced further, but I'd already taken it out with me, so there was no chance of me returning it and buying the cheaper offer. But seriously, just look at the bag, it's beautiful! 

So these are the main purchases I've made recently all because of darling Sophia. PHOS BEAUTY MADE ME DO IT! And the funny thing, I'm not the only one who has bought things because of her, literally there are so many other people who have purchased products because of her. 

So, if Phos Beauty made you do it, what did she make you buy? 

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  1. Ah this is so cute! I always watch her stories and I literally have a list of things to buy because of them too!

    Ellie x

  2. Haha lovee this post shes definitely made me buy half my skin care products!

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