Best Beauty Products of 2016


As my first official post, I have decided to talk about my best beauty products of 2016. Since I've really only been into make up for about a year I don't have much make up, but from what I do have, I do have a few favorites. So here they are:

This is and always will by my Holy Grail foundation. It offers a really nice medium coverage which is pretty buildable. To be quite honest, as the name suggests it being Sheer Glow, to me it was neither sheer nor glowy. It has the most perfect flawless finish. once primed and set properly it lasts a long time, and is most definitely not cakey. 

I have two shades in this, one the same color as my skin tone to conceal blemishes etc, and a shade lighter than my skin tone to highlight my under eyes. It's very light and so easy to blend, like my Sheer Glow, it is definitely not cakey. I want invest in a High End concealer, but I can't seem to move away from this concealer at all. 

BRONZER: Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
I'm no expert in the contouring department, it doesn't just seem to sit well with me, I think I need more practice, but I do like to use Bronzer. This is the only Bronzer I own and I love it. It's a matte, medium-brown bronzer which gives such a nice finish to the skin. It is so easy to blend and can last all day. I believe that this is the perfect Bronzer for all skin tones, and it doesn't leave the skin looking too muddy.

My very first MAC product was the shade Mehr. and my goodness has this been my go-to lipstick for over 6 months, I'm sad that the shape of the lipstick bullet has completely changed and become flat because of the amount of times I've worn it and loved it. Combined with the MAC Lip Liner in Soar, it has got to be my best Lipstick ever. 

LIQUID LIP: Coloured Raine 24Seven // Mars
Oh my God. Why didn't I discover this earlier? Sophia over on at PhosBeauty made me buy this and I have no regrets. Coloured Raine needs more hype! It's one brand that I don't see a lot of anywhere, but my goodness do you all need to buy this! I have the shades Mars (which is similar to Kat Von D's Lolita) and the shade 24Seven. It lasts me so long and it is so comfortable. And considering the fact that I love my food and eat like a mad dog, it does not budge! Ya'll need to buy this!

EYESHADOW PALETTE: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

And last but not least, the best palette I own in my small collection of palettes is the Modern Renaissance. I absolutely do not regret buying this at all. The shades are so wearable, they're so pigmented and they blend like a dream. I literally do not need to make an effort when blending and applying these shadows. I honestly need some more ABH products in my life because this palette is and always will be my Holy Grail. I can feel that I'm starting to hit pan on a few of the shades. I definitely want to repurchase this because I love this so much

And that is the end of my Best of Beauty Products in 2016. There were definitely more favorites but these were just the ones that I absolutely fell in love with last year. 

What were your 2016 favorite beauty products? 

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  1. I love hula bronzer!! It's amazing! I want to try the fit my concealer but I'm finish off my age rewind one 😂🙈

    ibreathemakeup |

    1. And I need to try that one, but my Fit Me Concealer works so well for me, I don't think I want to buy anything else

  2. I love the fit me concealers but they stopped selling the dark shade in stores ☹️
    I love the modern Renaissance Palette but mine is the holy grail palette which I am yet to use. But it's stunning and I know it will be my favourite lol

    1. Awww noo, that's unfortunate, I hope you do find the shade you need somewhere! It's such an amazing concealer. I need to get my hands on the Holy Grail palette, I've heard so much about it!